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Business-related education at the high schools and grammar schools of the SIS

All high school and grammar school students at Saxony International Schools receive insights into vocational training, the world of work and business management in addition to a comprehensive holistic and foreign language-oriented education.

Our plus for you

SIS is one of the pioneers of the high school project "Praxisberater". However, great importance is also attached to practical career orientation at our high schools. In close cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and the DAA training center (located in Borna), our students are prepared for their future careers.

The Subject Practical Education (PU) is an additional offer at our schools and part of the mandatory timetable. The lessons take place in teaching cabinets, which have a pool of tools and machines, computer technology and high-quality working materials.

In addition, a compulsory elective subject for career orientation is offered in the upper school of the general education Gymnasium. In "Ways into professional life", topics specific to studies, applications and everyday life are addressed. In workshops and presentations by external providers, as well as in advertising visits to various study and career fairs, students are introduced to the world of work and given an overview of their individual ideas and skills.

Vocational orientation in everyday school life

The Reinsdorf and TRIAS Elsterberg high schools have already been awarded the Saxon Seal of Quality for Career Orientation for the high quality of their career orientation. The other schools work according to the same concept, which means that a uniform quality can be expected.

As an exemplary concept for career and study guidance, that of the IGM can be viewed in the Download area can be viewed.

Practice-oriented teaching

In the practice-oriented lessons (PU) as well as in connection with TC/computer science, we teach the students versatile basic skills and abilities, e.g.

  • diverse projects in metal, wood, plastic, textile processing,
  • in the area of robot programming, learning is done on models, circuits are made and programming is tested,
  • NC programming on an NC milling machine,
  • Design and construction of bodies, scanning of parts with professional software and their redesign or new developments including the production of certain parts using 3D printers,
  • technical drawing both via PC and by hand,
  • Learning how to calculate the manufacturing costs of parts, effective design of production costs with different assembly variants (nest production),
  • T/C technology and PU are interlinked,
  • the Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is linked to ten-finger writing.

The student company "Learn. Try. Use."

In the upper secondary level of the Wirtschaftsgymnasium, our students are given the task of dealing with their first entrepreneurial tasks as a student company. In cooperation with the secondary level II of the Gymnasium, the students prepare parties and events, arrange the catering and generate their own capital through additional small events such as cake bazaars.

With the help of this company, the future graduates learn important skills regarding calculation, planning and financing of their own company with a focus on business administration. In addition, they can use the profits to help finance their graduation ball and enrich school life with their events. They need to develop confidence in accounting and cash management, since after an operating period of about one year, the company is handed over to the next "generation". In an official act, which is usually linked to the open day, the key of the student company is handed over to the next course level in the presence of the sponsoring association, the school management, the teacher assigned to the student company as well as our managing director Mr. School.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find information on Youth Employment Protection as well as a list frequently asked questions on the topic of internships.


Borna Employment Agency

Ms. Nadine Denis
Career counselor
Phone +49 800 4555500 (toll-free hotline in Germany)

Teacher responsible for career orientation

Sarah A. Penzholz
Friedrich-Fröbel-Straße 1
04643 Geithain
Phone +49 34341 46012

Individual appointments are possible on request.

From now on, the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) will be operating a telephone hotline every Wednesday from 1 to 4 p.m. to advise young people about training opportunities in the Leipzig region. The opportunity to obtain basic information about apprenticeship occupations or about "dual training" and, if applicable, to identify interests is also offered.

By calling 0341 1267-1224, the IHK training experts answer all questions about training and provide quick and uncomplicated support in the search for an apprenticeship. Addressed are pupils, parents or grandparents, but also students who want to reorient themselves with an apprenticeship. 

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