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German-Polish student exchange in Geithain

In September 2021, when the students of our high schools visited the Polish city of Kutno and were warmly welcomed by their Polish hosts and shown around the country. and were guided through the country, Mrs. Tarlowska (co-initiator and German and German teacher at Kutno High School) and Mr. Gut (teacher at the International Gymnasium Geithain) decided that the partnership and the exchange of both exchange of both schools should be maintained and further deepened. The German participants invited their Polish hosts at that time.

In the first week of October this year it was time: 14 young people from Kunto visited Geithain. They learn German and English in Kutno and used the trip to deepen their language skills. The students stayed with host families from Geithain on Monday and Tuesday, from Wednesday to Friday we visited Berlin and Potsdam and stayed overnight in the Potsdam youth hostel. Under the guidance of Mr. Gut and Mrs. Günther the young people from Geithain showed their Polish guests first the IGG and later the city and the country.

On the day of German unity the Kutno students arrived. Many preparations had been made. The German families had prepared rooms
. The excitement was great. In the evening, each family welcomed their guest student warmly and they exchanged information.

On Tuesday morning, the students organized a seminar on German-Polish relations and the Peaceful Revolution in both countries. After the school tour of the International Gymnasium Geithain, both Polish and German students were surprised by what the IGG has to offer.

This was followed by a tour of the zoo, town and church in Geithain. In the afternoon there was a lot of fun with sports and games; the highlight was a
soccer match between the nations. Germany won narrowly in a penalty shootout. In the evening our students organized a cooking and barbecue evening.

On Wednesday we went to Potsdam, where we visited the Babelsberg film park. On Thursday we went on to Berlin: Besides the Wall Panometer and the TV Tower there was time to stroll around and the students were invited to participate in a photo competition. You can see some of the photos here.

Many students want to keep in touch beyond the exchange. "I am very happy, it was so great with you in Germany, I'll be back," said Zylvia from Kutno, for example, and Stella from the IGG summed up: "We quickly became friends with each other and communicated in German and English. The English had the positive aspect that it also allowed us Germans to put our language skills into practice and improve them."

On Friday the Polish students and teachers left tired and satisfied.

M. Good - teacher IGG and co-initiator 

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